Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sickie here Sickie there

Boy oh Boy were we hit with the sickies!
First it was Danny, and he had it BAD. Then Jaxon got it and it was bad, but didn't last as long. And the last few days is was hubby, and he had it BAD.
Now I am worried Kolton has it, he is showing very small - might not be - symptoms. So watching him.
I have been lucky enough to escape it so far, even though I have been with each sick person, playing nurse. Puke buckets, washing, cool cloths and so on.
I hope I continue to escape it! Lots of handwashing and lysol spraying!

For today I will be happy, everyone seems to be okay.

I have scrapbooked through all this though. As the sick one was finally sleeping, I would clean, then scrapbook.

I don't make resolutions, but I do have a 2010 goal. I am trying to scrapbook more events. Birthdays, sports, Christmas, Holidays and so on. Seems I pass over those pictures and do the everyday ones. But the events are so important!

I have started, and while I find it a bit hard, I am doing it. So far I have scrapped 2 school pages and a trip to the pumpkin patch.

My challenge this past week over at the Inspired Scrapper was to use pockets, so that is when I scrapped the pumpkin patch, as I had tons of photos. So the pockets were great in allowing me to add many photos, but still decorate. Check out the Inspired Scrappers blog for more details. Here is my page - and it is a double pager!!

I was asked to design for the Memory Workshop for January, here is one of the pages I did for them. You have to receive her kits to see the rest! I did 2 double pager, 3 single pages and 3 cards with Sandra's kit. These really go far and include so much to play with! She includes so much to play with, but I think my favourite thing is you get so much cardstock! I love cardstock!!!

Well off to scrap some more! Hope you are all finding some time to be creative!
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As always, beautiful layouts!

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