Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Magenta Products!!

Magenta has a new release!! They always make the most fun chipboard shapes, shapes you don't see elsewhere! Been to Paris lately, or how about New York! Yep they have AWESOME chipboard sets in those themes and more! You really have to check out their new catalogue! And if you can't find these products at your local store, ask them to get it in!

Click HERE to go see the new catalogue. Once you are there, just click on the blue title and you can download the catalogue. Let me know what you think too!

My favourite paper is that grey sheet; Peace. It is beautiful on both sides, but that grey is awesome!! I used it on a Paris layout and on a snow layout! Grey is one of my FAV colours right now and it can be hard to find beautiful grey pattern papers. Well this one is awesome!

Here are 2 of my layouts so far: (both using that grey paper, Peace)

See!! isn't it great! Goes so well with my son's snow suite. Imagine that grey paper on a card with yellow!!! oh I need to make a card now! lol
Below you can see that same grey paper, and 2 other new papers; the purple and pink; Tranquility and Hope. They are so beautiful! And the chipboard shapes I was talking about. Both Eiffel Tower shapes and the word Paris came on the sheet. The little alphabet I used for 'Dreaming of' is Magenta and so are the flower shapes. Magenta has so many great chipboard shapes, you really do need to check them out! The little letters are great, I just use felts to colour them to any colour I need!

The Paris photos I found from a free site, there was no credit to who took the photos, please let me know if it was you so I may give you credit for your beautiful photos.

enjoy your Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sewing Paper

Did some serious sewing on this layout. My sewing machine sees more paper than cloth, lol. I mainly used Echo Park on this. LOVE this line, okay I love all their lines!!! lol
I did this a few days ago, actually haven't done anything scrappy since this. Been playing lego with the boys. I resorted it all by colour and now we are rebuilding some of the sets they have. Mostly they have Star Wars sets. And Mega Blocks pirates sets. There are a few creator sets mixed in there too, like city streets, vehicles and I think a space set too. My boys are big collectors of lego and my hubby built a great place for them to play - and me too. lol
Rainy yucky day here, perfect for lego building.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Socker Boppers

Here is a double page layout I did using Basic Grey mainly.

This was Danny's 8th birthday party. Instead of giving out goodie bags, we found these and gave them out instead. The kids loved them! Even Granny got in on the fun. My kids still have theirs and every now and then they bring them out to play again. Good fun and you really can't get hurt. Well I am sure you can, but so far nothing serious has happened. lol

I am happy to report Zuki is back to normal, her foot has healed really well and she is not chewing on it at all. The cone is off, came off after 3 days, and I think she is very happy! lol
Hubby signed her up for a training class. So far she and he have gone to one. He came home with some great ideas for us to work on with her and I just got an email with some homework. Some of the ideas I really like and can see working. I really look forward to a dog that listens well, plays fetch and loves camping/water play! Right now she is still a puppy, but learning quite well.

Tonight is my Mother's Day Father's Day class. Here is what we are making:

I am looking forward to it, shall be fun!
Have a great Tuesday!
Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cone of Shame

The other day we noticed Zuki, our dog, chewing on her foot. So I took a look and it was all red and raw, right on the pad. Poor thing, so off we went to the Vets.
Vet said she probably stepped on something, got a cut and then she just chewed away at it. Easter Sunday she was in the kennel for most of the evening while we were at dinner, so that is probably when she chewed it raw.

The poor thing is running into everything, I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I can't help but laugh. Vet said to make sure it stay dry as well, so when she goes outside, we have to put this plastic bag on her foot. The plastic bag is actually a recycled intravenous bag. Love that my Vet recycled that! They are tough bags and so far withstanding her going outside and walking on cement.

The bandaged foot and cone of shame have slowed her down a bit too, which is nice! She is such an excitable puppy, not aware of her surroundings 99% of the time, so she has to slow down or run into everything.

Here she is in all her cuteness, teehee

And I have a layout to share, this is Danny, 10 years ago!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

3 years ago, my middle son came home with his Easter craft of eggs in a basket. He loved those eggs, spent lots of time creating them and wanted to sleep with them for ever. He was totally heartbroken when I told him the eggs either had to be eaten or thrown out. They would spoil and could not got to bed with him.
Here are the pictures I took of him crying, while he decided what he was going to do with his precious eggs.

I comforted him, then took pictures. My sweet boy.

I am happy to report that 3 years later, he is okay bringing home his eggs and throwing them out as soon as they crack. Or eating them, depends on 'crafted' they are. Some eggs are full of paint and glue and sparkle inside and out! lol

Hope you enjoyed your family this weekend.
I am truly blessed with my family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ULTIMATE snowball

Just popping in quick to share a layout I recently did. I let the diecut paper and the photo be the main focus. Very little decorating on this.

But a memory my son will always remember; how 'GOOD' he got his big sister!! lol
Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by!

Paper is BoBunny, chipboard letters are Basic Grey.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Sunshine

Oh the sunshine this morning is glorious and beautiful!!
Even though it is killing me! lol I have a migraine and the bright sunshine is soooo bright!!
I don't want it to go away, instead I am waiting for meds to dull the ache. I love the sunshine! It is so beautiful, inspiring and makes me happy!
Especially after yesterday mornings blizzard! Was that not crazy! It is Spring! Bring on the sunshine, birds, bees and flowers!

I have a layout to share today. (so not springy, lol) This was done for a challenge over at The Inspired Scrapper using a Pagemaps sketch. I love those sketches, and this one is easy. Hop over and play along if you have a chance this weekend!

Yesterday I was called into the Doctors to discuss some results. Looks like I have an unexplained 'hazy' area in my lungs. I have not been 'sick', meaning a cold or cough or fever so they are ruling out pneumonia. I have to have a CT scan to see if they can figure it out. Sigh. And as I mentioned above, I have started migraines, oiy they can be bad!! And I am not sleeping well at night. All makes for a grumpy mommy who doesn't want to do much. lol
Doing my best to stay positive, but I have to say it is hard. I trust in God, and I know His plan is best, but I am struggling to keep on this positive, patient path. Prayers and scrapbooking. That is my answer right now. Prayers for obvious reasons and scrapbooking to keep my brain busy on something else.

Thanks for stopping by little corner of the world!

Lindy, can you PM through Sisterhood of Scrap your address so I can mail your prize?

I need to add some things to my blog, like email me option. When I changed things a while back I didn't realize so much disappeared. And now I updated the computer and it went to Internet Explorer 9 and I have been having issues ever since. I can't publish my blog without going through Google Chrome and my emails are different and other things. OIY change and me don't work well together. lol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sooooo tired!!!

Ugh, I am so tired, but so awake!!! I have not been sleeping well at all lately. Today I was up at 4am, WIDE awake. No chance of sleep coming back. First I tried to do some crossword puzzles to lull me into sleep, but nope, so I got up. I switched the laundry, made coffee, and played Mahjong till the family got up.

I was also reading more about some of the new medications I am taking and one of them lowers my immune system. Great! Just what I need, to get sicker! I know, I know, it lowers it so that it can kill or heal or do whatever easier, but now I am scared to go near anyone for fear of getting their bugs and then in turn those bugs going crazy in me!! bleh!

Yesterday I went out with a good friend to my favourite second hand store; I know I was going to go on Monday, but they were closed. So we went yesterday. I found some great deals. Some new t-shirts for me, a few for hubby, a cute little shelf for upstairs, cute cute cute wood maple buttons and a puzzle. I am heading back today, I saw a bag of thread and forgot to grab it. hoping it is still there, dollar store thread is just crappy, it breaks way to easy and I am too cheap to buy brand new spools of thread if I can help it! lol

I have lots of errands today; bank, prescription refill, insurance, x-rays, and grab a few groceries. Then home to make supper for company. Making a maple bacon pot roast with mashed taters and some kind of veggie.

I have a few projects on the go too. Thinking of doing a Mother's Day/Father's Day class so working on that. I have a post going up this Friday over at The Inspired Scrapper, and lots of challenges for Sisterhood of Scrap and The Scrapping Nook. 2 great sites full of inspiring challenges and great ladies!

Here is another photo of my neice and her little family. So excited for them and can't wait to meet baby! Hoping I might even be able to be at the hospital when he is born!!!

And this is a little keepsake box I have created for her to fill with things. I am just making a little mini book to put in it too.

Also wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes, hugs, prayers and thoughts you have expressed to me. I appreciate them and hold each one dear!

Oh and I forgot to announce the winner of my RAK!!!
Lindy!!! Email me your addy and I will pop your prize in the mail!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Death by Cheesecake......

Oh goodness I have a weakness for really good cheesecake! It is soo good!!!

Today I went to the doctor, have been put on 2 new meds, have to have some x-rays done and more blood work done. He is not taking me off the steriods, like I thought was going to happen and I am not to wean off them anymore either. I am to stay at the dose I am at now.

And I am going to the doctors once a week again instead of every 2 weeks. Sigh! Guess he didn't like all the info I gave him of what had been going on the last 2 weeks with me. He didn't really say I was in bad shape again, or heading that way, he just filled me with more meds and tests to do and said see me in one week. HHmm

SOOOO to make me feel better, I bought cheesecake while waiting for my new prescriptions. Got home and dove right in! I bought the Artisan Supreme Cheesecake Sampler from Safeway. It has Amaretto, Caramel Pecan, Raspberry Sensation and Chocolate Swirl! YUM! But I can only eat a little at a time. I need to hide this baby in the back of the fridge so no one else sees it! lol (yes I carefully picked off the nuts!)

I feel better with yummies in my tummy, but not totally. While eating my yummy cheesecake, I was reading the info on the new meds and well that depressed me a bit. More stuff to watch for. sigh, so I am off now to go to my favourite second hand store here in my town; Bibles for Missions. Going to see if there is anything crafty, any nice old old frames, some nice material maybe, a new shirt, pants for the boys..........

Oh the other day I stopped at the Salvation Army and found the circus playmobil set for $6!!!! It had so much more and some missing I am sure. But it had like 20 people, 6 horses, the stand, band instruments, a truck and trailer, 2 boats, rhino, clowns, hippo, seal, buffalo, trees, chairs and soooo much more! I love playmobil!

And my photo share today is one of my neice and her little growing family. The baby is due any day now! So excited and thrilled for them!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple and sweet

Here is another layout I have done recently. More of Kimmee's senior shots we did last year.

I used up some older stuff again, American Crafts papers, Heidi Swapp chipboard alpha, Dollar store alpha and a bunch of flowers and brads.

Been busy this weekend with my daughter here visiting and renos happening upstairs. We have all the walls on now and painted! That is what Kimmee, Kolton and I did. Painted the walls white.

Today the floor might go in. Hubby picked a wonderful laminate. It is a very distressed old wood looking. I LOVE it and can't wait to see it down!

Enjoy this rainy yucky cold Sunday as best you can! You know the saying April showers...................