Monday, January 17, 2011

Stomach Bug

I spent the weekend with a slight stomach bug. FUN! NOT!!

I wasn't the flu, as I never got sick. Felt queasy from time to time, and weak and crampy and just over all grumpy and sore. My back is still hurting today. I haven't slept well either, I swear I am waking every hour!

I am thankful though, I hear the flu that is going around, can be nasty! So I will take my uncomfortable weekend over a puking weekend!!! lol

Because I was sick I didn't get to all the things I wanted too over the weekend. I wanted to get my next class as planned out, I wanted to get some more frames painted, pictures added and put up on the wall, and I wanted to go over the photos I took of the boys in the snow. Going to try and do all that this week. Need to get some housework done too. I sure wish cleaning fairies were real! lol

I did play with one photo this morning. Getting good photos of the boys in the snow is something I am trying to master. Especially with Kolton; bright white snow and he has dark hair, dark eyes and wears grey or dark clothes. hhmmmm a challenge for sure!
Skin tone is something I need help on. Might look into getting Erin Cobbs clean colour program, only thing is I don't have Photoshop or photoshop elements. hhmm

well here is the photo of Kolton.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Been playing with my wonderful stash of Magenta products. I LOVE their chipboard shapes and their stamps!!
Magenta has laser cut chipboard shapes and you really need to check out their new shapes!! Flowers butterflies, families, mom and tot, borders and edges...............
Oh and check out their corrugated cardboard stuff too!!
Oh and did you know they are an awesome selection of laser cut, adhesive CORK shapes!! Those are FUN!

Check out THIS LINK to see the new stuff!! Some serious fun there!!

Here are two cards so far that I have created:

Magenta Supplies: papers, chipboard butterfly, both sentiment stamps and corrugated cardboard star, cut from a sheet of 12x12.
Other supplies: Bazzill cardstock, Ranger stickles, Nestabilities to cut stars, Fiskars edge punch, Tombow pen, Stampin Up ink.

Some new photos I caught. Getting great pictures of fast moving kids in the snow with a brilliant sunshine can be very difficult! The sun creates crazy harsh shadows, and getting a true white colour of the snow is a challenge!!

Danny is crying cause he got a branch in the face. aahhhhh poor boy! I love him sooo!

Enjoy your day!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Excited Overwhelmed and Frustrated all in one......sigh

Happy 2011! Wow I remember back in high school thinking 2000 was crazy! 2011 just seems weird and I don't know....futuristic and spacey! lol

New Years Resolutions.
Do you have any?
Do you make them and then just a short jog down the path, break them?
I don't make them. I don't want to be disappointed with myself.

But this year I did make one.
My resolution; FINISH STUFF!!

Yep, I am a starter and a leaver. I have sewing projects started and left, cross stitch patterns half done, half painted items, half renovated hallways and bedrooms. Not to mention tedious little jobs like organizing the recipes, and the favourites folder, and the photos, and .............. the list goes on.

So I hope to finish some of these. If I finish all of these this year I will be A-M-A-Z-E-D!!! Seriously! But if I only finish a handful I am okay with that. At least something got finished!

I am off to a good start though; I organized the recipes in a nice little holder, and I have organized my favourites folder. Oh and back in November I organized my email contact list - but it could have another weeding through, I am thinking! lol

If I am watching TV, I am trying to have my cross stitch in my hands and working on it. I can't even begin to tell you how many patterns I have on the go! OIY! :)

I do have other goals for 2011, but not necessarily 'resolutions'.
I hope to learn more with photography. And take that step of courage to possibly start taking photos for people, and maybe get paid, but need courage first. I hesitate to call myself a photographer even, need courage. I love taking photos, and I think I am pretty good, but I can get frustrated when I am not getting something, so then I give up. aahhh sounds like above, maybe it does fall under the 'finish stuff' resolution then!! Finish learning - or keep going - learning more!!! hhmmm I can do that!
I am also wanting to learn more about post processing. I can edit my images, but I want to do more, I want to understand more............. OIY lots of learning in the future!!
I have downloaded the free trial of lightroom and have been playing. I really like it so far, but I still need to learn more so I don't get frustrated and quit, and fall into the 'start it and leave it catagory again! :)

In September we added a member to our family; Miss Suki or Zoomin Zuki as I call her. She is one ball of energy! Never quits; aahhh maybe I could learn something from her! haha. She is a chocolate lab; here she today at 5 months old

I love her dearly! Right now she is outside running as fast she can from one end of the yard to the other, stopping to eat as much snow as she can fit in her mouth and then she is off like a shot again. Sooo funny! During the day it is just her and I, so we are spending some great quality time getting to know each other while the males in our house are in school or at work. (We love the daytimes - just us girls!!! lol)

And another thing I am going to try again; classes. I haven't done them for a bit, but love them. I love teaching crafts. I love how excited ladies get when they learn something new and I love the friendships that develop out of these classes. So keep an eye out for emails from me about upcoming classes. I already have one all planned; cards. I hope to teach a variety of crafting projects: cards, scrapbook pages, mini albums, altered art, wall art, decorations, gifts............
If you want to be on my mailing list, just leave a comment here and I will get you added. If you are unsure if you are on the list, just leave a comment to make sure you are! If you have a friend who you think would like to be added, send them here!

Well I think that is it for this first post of 2011, I am now off to try and finish soemthing! lol

Oh yeah, I have just put up a post over at The Inspired Scrapppers blog, go check them out!

Enjoy your day!