Friday, April 30, 2010

He LOVES Tim Hortons

Oh my goodness, Jaxon our youngest, sometimes says the funniest things.

Yesterday I was pulling into the Tim Hortons parking lot; to get my fix, when my youngest son Jaxon, says 'Woah Mom, there are tons of kids here!' I explain that they are from the high school, out on lunch. I tell him that when you go to High school, you are allowed to go off school property and go to the Tim Hortons for lunch if you want to.

He says in a VERY excited voice

"YEAH! I am going to this High School, so I can go off popety to Tim Hortons!"

SO made me giggle! Yep raising him right, to love Tim Hortons! lol

I love his innocent way of thinking.

It is another ugly rainy day here. Perfect for scrapbooking!

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

When the forecast is nothing but ugly, time to scrapbook!

April showers bring May flowers :)
UGH! Enough with the rain and clouds! I want sunshine! Beautiful bright warm sunshine!!
I bet everyone in Alberta agrees right now! OIY! They have had terrible April weather!

Well when it is ugly outside, might as well just scrap! And I have been doing that.
Saturday was supposed to be sunny, so I was going to do weeding, but now it looks like rain. Which kinda works out great as Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day! I can stay inside and scrapbook, guilt free! :)

I have been working with stuff Jayme sent me, from Scrapbooking Fanatics. Mostly new stuff, like Sassafrass Lass, but I also broke out an older kit she sent me featuring Pink Paislee.

These are our boys digging in the backyard - before we turned this area into a parking lot. These feature Sassafrass Lass stuff.

This one features Sassafrass Lass as well. My son Jaxon and his love for corn on the cob. I had fun creating the little corn on the cob with a small circle punch.

This one is using Pink Paislee Cupid Line. It's me and Jaxon 5 years ago. I played around with fabric flowers on this one.

I hope you find some time to scrapbook on Saturday, there is so much going on ALL over the place!
Happy Thursday and as always, thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 11th Brithday Kolton

Today is my oldest boys birthday. We had his party on Saturday and it was a great turnout, not great weather though!

Amazing how time flies!
I remember when he was little, I would look at him and wonder who and what he was going to become. Was he going to be tall, was he going to be loving, was he going to be a doctor....................
Today, we are getting glimpses of the man he is to become.
He is going to be a tall dark handsome man, who is very in touch with his femine side.

This is him at his party. The winners of the games we played got to do girly things to him and he was totally okay with that. He loved it and really played it up.

I think he will have something to do with the arts. He is always dressing up as some super hero or another, he writes the most imaginitive stories and loves to be center of attention.

We love you Kolton, Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Family

A few weeks ago we finally got around to doing an updated family photo. My Mil and Fil were on hand to help capture some of the photos and get in on the action as well.
They turned out okay, but I think we will do it again. The scenery is great, but it looks fallish, not springy.

It is hard to be on the other side of the lens. I wish I had set the camera up so my husband and I were more in the middle of the children. But I still love this shot; us ignoring the fighting, bickering children. lol

Can't wait to scrap these now!
If it is sunny in your area, get out and take some pictures!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Heart Belongs..... SFDT work

This is my sweet son Jaxon. I love these pictures, I caught the lights in his eyes and the right colour balances to show his freckles and colour of hair.
I did this page for Scrapbooking Fanatics DT work. Jump on over to the SF BLOG to see more details!

Here is another layout I did recently.

I have been trying to do more events and special days in my scrapbooking as well as use memorabilia. For this, I made a pocket and tucked in the kids report cards from term 1. Last week, the kids came home with term 2 report cards and I am going to repeat this idea. I get memorabilia in the books and it will show the growth of the kids over the year. If you have a chance give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by!