Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Socker Boppers

Here is a double page layout I did using Basic Grey mainly.

This was Danny's 8th birthday party. Instead of giving out goodie bags, we found these and gave them out instead. The kids loved them! Even Granny got in on the fun. My kids still have theirs and every now and then they bring them out to play again. Good fun and you really can't get hurt. Well I am sure you can, but so far nothing serious has happened. lol

I am happy to report Zuki is back to normal, her foot has healed really well and she is not chewing on it at all. The cone is off, came off after 3 days, and I think she is very happy! lol
Hubby signed her up for a training class. So far she and he have gone to one. He came home with some great ideas for us to work on with her and I just got an email with some homework. Some of the ideas I really like and can see working. I really look forward to a dog that listens well, plays fetch and loves camping/water play! Right now she is still a puppy, but learning quite well.

Tonight is my Mother's Day Father's Day class. Here is what we are making:

I am looking forward to it, shall be fun!
Have a great Tuesday!
Hope the sun is shining where you are!


Lindy said...

Beautfiul projects for your class Debby!

Kathy said...

Love your layout...they all look like they're having a wonderful time! Your class looks wonderful! Have fun!

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