Monday, April 11, 2011

Death by Cheesecake......

Oh goodness I have a weakness for really good cheesecake! It is soo good!!!

Today I went to the doctor, have been put on 2 new meds, have to have some x-rays done and more blood work done. He is not taking me off the steriods, like I thought was going to happen and I am not to wean off them anymore either. I am to stay at the dose I am at now.

And I am going to the doctors once a week again instead of every 2 weeks. Sigh! Guess he didn't like all the info I gave him of what had been going on the last 2 weeks with me. He didn't really say I was in bad shape again, or heading that way, he just filled me with more meds and tests to do and said see me in one week. HHmm

SOOOO to make me feel better, I bought cheesecake while waiting for my new prescriptions. Got home and dove right in! I bought the Artisan Supreme Cheesecake Sampler from Safeway. It has Amaretto, Caramel Pecan, Raspberry Sensation and Chocolate Swirl! YUM! But I can only eat a little at a time. I need to hide this baby in the back of the fridge so no one else sees it! lol (yes I carefully picked off the nuts!)

I feel better with yummies in my tummy, but not totally. While eating my yummy cheesecake, I was reading the info on the new meds and well that depressed me a bit. More stuff to watch for. sigh, so I am off now to go to my favourite second hand store here in my town; Bibles for Missions. Going to see if there is anything crafty, any nice old old frames, some nice material maybe, a new shirt, pants for the boys..........

Oh the other day I stopped at the Salvation Army and found the circus playmobil set for $6!!!! It had so much more and some missing I am sure. But it had like 20 people, 6 horses, the stand, band instruments, a truck and trailer, 2 boats, rhino, clowns, hippo, seal, buffalo, trees, chairs and soooo much more! I love playmobil!

And my photo share today is one of my neice and her little growing family. The baby is due any day now! So excited and thrilled for them!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Jo said...

Debby ... I'm so sorry to hear that all is not well in your body ... just letting you know that i am thinking of you and sending you hugs and healing vibes!

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