Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Sunshine

Oh the sunshine this morning is glorious and beautiful!!
Even though it is killing me! lol I have a migraine and the bright sunshine is soooo bright!!
I don't want it to go away, instead I am waiting for meds to dull the ache. I love the sunshine! It is so beautiful, inspiring and makes me happy!
Especially after yesterday mornings blizzard! Was that not crazy! It is Spring! Bring on the sunshine, birds, bees and flowers!

I have a layout to share today. (so not springy, lol) This was done for a challenge over at The Inspired Scrapper using a Pagemaps sketch. I love those sketches, and this one is easy. Hop over and play along if you have a chance this weekend!

Yesterday I was called into the Doctors to discuss some results. Looks like I have an unexplained 'hazy' area in my lungs. I have not been 'sick', meaning a cold or cough or fever so they are ruling out pneumonia. I have to have a CT scan to see if they can figure it out. Sigh. And as I mentioned above, I have started migraines, oiy they can be bad!! And I am not sleeping well at night. All makes for a grumpy mommy who doesn't want to do much. lol
Doing my best to stay positive, but I have to say it is hard. I trust in God, and I know His plan is best, but I am struggling to keep on this positive, patient path. Prayers and scrapbooking. That is my answer right now. Prayers for obvious reasons and scrapbooking to keep my brain busy on something else.

Thanks for stopping by little corner of the world!

Lindy, can you PM through Sisterhood of Scrap your address so I can mail your prize?

I need to add some things to my blog, like email me option. When I changed things a while back I didn't realize so much disappeared. And now I updated the computer and it went to Internet Explorer 9 and I have been having issues ever since. I can't publish my blog without going through Google Chrome and my emails are different and other things. OIY change and me don't work well together. lol


Lindy said...

Beautiful layout Debby!!!!

How you feel better soon; I too get migraines and they are not fun.

Jillian said...

Prayers and scrapbooking are good, Debby - keep at it!! You inspire me so much in so many ways!! :)

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