Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

3 years ago, my middle son came home with his Easter craft of eggs in a basket. He loved those eggs, spent lots of time creating them and wanted to sleep with them for ever. He was totally heartbroken when I told him the eggs either had to be eaten or thrown out. They would spoil and could not got to bed with him.
Here are the pictures I took of him crying, while he decided what he was going to do with his precious eggs.

I comforted him, then took pictures. My sweet boy.

I am happy to report that 3 years later, he is okay bringing home his eggs and throwing them out as soon as they crack. Or eating them, depends on 'crafted' they are. Some eggs are full of paint and glue and sparkle inside and out! lol

Hope you enjoyed your family this weekend.
I am truly blessed with my family.


Lindy said...

Debby that is so precious. Poor little guy!

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