Friday, March 11, 2011

A great Friday

Today was a great day. I had full intentions of blogging this morning, but my day filled up quick.
Chatted on the phone with a great friend and made dinner plans and a doggie/kid play date.
Then a great friend came over, we scrapped a little then went shopping and did some errands, including a trip to Tim Hortons for an apple fritter! yum!

Hubby came home early today, so we spent the afternoon together. First to the doctor. Things are going well. I am having a great week, no episodes, no pain, things feel normal, well except my massive amount of swelling and the weakness still. But otherwise I feel pretty good. So he put me on a schedule to slowly wean off the steriods and then go on this different med. I also found out that I am not to take Advil again. Too harsh on my system. I am to stick to the meds he prescribes or just regular tylenol.
Hubby and I then popped over to pick up my prescriptions, including the super drug and found out that Safeway gives you 7x airmiles on the full amount of your prescription - even if you don't pay the full amount. The superdrug - Remecaid - cost $3000.00!!!! so yeah, we totally racked the airmiles today! And will do the same for the next round! woohoo!

We picked up kids from school, came home and prepared a wonderful meal of ham, scalloped potatoes and fresh fruit and veggies. (no fruit or veggies for me) Then had a wonderful family over for dinner. They brought a yummy apple pie! mmmmmm! Yum!

One of the kids is staying here for a sleep over and he asks my son 'hey wanna ask your mom if we can do crafts?' I was like, uuhhh YEAH! let me get some stuff out for you!
So I had 3 boys creating cards and posters and whatever else they did here in my scrapbook room. And no I didn't get any pictures, totally forgot! lol

Kids are all tucked into bed now and I am finally getting a chance to get in here. I have tons of stuff to share, but I am so tired now, so I am only going to share a bit. Will hopefully get back here tomorrow and share some more. I have been creating like crazy! Mainly cards, but still creating!!

First here is the Magenta layout I did following their sketch. It is a pretty simple easy sketch. If you have a chance you should play along, then load up over at Magenta! I used older 4 x 6 photos and cut them down to fit the sketch. Look at the little kid chipboard shapes! Are they not cute or what! And the outlined chipboard hearts, love those too! Even the corrugated scallop piece is Magenta! They have really cool stuff! Look on the right of my blog page and you will find a link directly to Magentas blog!

And here is another of the grey and yellow cards I have made. I actually made 5 of these, very simple!!! I used the owl punch from Stampin Up. Love that little guy/gal! lol

Well off to bed for me! Thanks for stopping by, hope your Friday was a great one!


Sue said...

Great work, Debby!!!
So nice to hear you're feeling better and are getting out a bit and doing some stuff!!!

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